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Approximately 8 tons of leftover convention items, unclaimed lost and found items and surplus furniture and computers were donated to schools, libraries, churches, veterans’ groups, women’s centers and shelters.
  • Low flow automatic sinks and toilets are in all restrooms.
  •  Outdoor landscaping uses drip irrigation, drought-tolerant plants and mulch to reduce watering.
  • Kitchens utilize energy-efficient dishwashers
  • Automated irrigation systems which do not operate during the rainy season
    due to sensors.
  •  Automated hand wash water dispensers
  • Water efficient dishwashers in all kitchens
  • The convention center composts all food scraps
  • There are no garbage disposals in our kitchen
  • All food items are sourced from local suppliers and our menus are designed
    around seasonally available items.
  • We avoid imported items to reduce on CO2 emissions.
  • All our fruit and vegetables are organic and are grown without the use of pesticides or fertilizers.
  • Solar powered lights in all outdoor areas.
  • Solar powered water heaters throughout all guest rooms.
  •  Energy saving bulbs and LED strips throughout the resort.
  •  Energy saving card activated power supply in all guest rooms.
  • All waterfalls in the surrounding gardens are on a timer.
  • Synchronized standby generators throughout the resort
  • Recent guest room refurbishments were done with special consideration of
    locally sourced and available items, reducing the requirement for importing